Jetovator Shred Sled Kneeboard

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The Shred Sled by Jetovator is the simple option from our hydroflight jetpack range.

Making hydroflight safer, easier and more fun for EVERYONE is our mission.

Safer is why you aren’t restrained to the Shred Sled at all – you can always just swim away!

Easier – The Shred Sled works just like a kneeboard behind a boat – if you can kneel, you can fly. In fact, it is easier – there is no rope to hold onto, and when you hit the water surface, you just bounce back up and keep flying!

More fun for EVERYONE – The Shred Sled is the perfect option for anyone just wanting to chill out and carve through the sky over the water, and the ultimate low-maintenance option for your yacht’s toy collection.

Hand-made in the USA from aircraft grade materials, all Jetovator jetpacks have incredible durability – even in salt water. The Shred Sled has no moving parts, which makes it even more reliable!

A complete Shred Sled kit, ready to connect with your +150hp jet ski, can be yours for just USD $6,675 + shipping and taxes.

Even better, if you already have a hydroflight kit, we can supply just the Shred Sled itself, ready to connect to your existing equipment from USD $3,175 + shipping and taxes!

Order Shred Sled Here